Foot Care Repair Cream
Foot Care Repair Cream

Foot Care Repair Cream

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The Ultra Foot Care moisturizing repair cream is a super softening deep enrichment powerhouse, based on a signature cocktail of nourishing super emolients and botanical oils like Olive, Safflower, Evening Primrose, Almond and Jojoba for deep nourishment.


These combine with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to boost natural renewal and soften tough skin, dry patches or calloused heels and rejuvenate the skin on your feet. 


Feet are the most under cared for part of the body. We pamper our hands and faces but overlook the challenges our feet are dealing with.


Whether you're aiming to get your feet 'holiday ready', enjoying your new sandals at home, or fed up with calloused heels that ruin stockings, Mabel Gray Skincare's amazing Ultra Foot Care cream is a 'must have' addition to your beauty routine.


Your feet carry your body around all day every day, and are as deserving of care and beauty treatments as much as the rest of you! And they will respond in kind to this super-fine and rapidly absorbed moisturiser that calms and nourishes dry and damaged feet.


And the older we get, the more important a mature age skincare becomes. Are your feet giving the game away?


Whether you're all day in cramped shoes, wear sandals that expose your skin, or go barefoot, the common result is skin dryness and even cracking and calluses, especially in the heel area where dead skin cells will tend to build up.


Since the skin on the feet is thicker than other areas of the body, you need this intense, specialized Foot Care cream that can soften and heal the dry, hard patches and cracked heels and bring a nice plump radiance to the top of your feet, the 'dorsal' surface.


To keep your feet silky soft and looking great, massage in this fast absorbing Ultra Foot Care cream twice daily.


And it's such a good way to finish your day anyway, with a foot massage to make your feet supple, sleek and feeling warm and relaxed as you sleep!