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Hand Moisturiser Cream

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This regenerative skin care formulation is the perfect all-over hydrator, and it delivers visibly nourished results very quickly.

 It has a luxurious feel and provides a deep gentle hydration that softens and smooths your skin's texture and boosts the natural processes of self-renewal.

 Your body still has all the inbuilt ‘codes’ for tissue repair and as they are activated and sustained by regular repetitive applications, you will see changes in your skin.

 Applying this high-quality, fragrance-free fast absorbing formula twice daily for 27 days – the average amount of time needed for full depth skin renewal - will have your skin looking and feeling restored, regenerated and renewed.

 Mabel Gray Skincare chose these high performing skin loving plant based ingredients based on the principles of old world recipes and their traditional methods. Science now knows they are rich synergistic sources for bio-available anti-oxidants, natural peptides, minerals, oils, vitamins and amino acids

 Apply the cream in short sweeping strokes, from your nose to ears, then across your forehead, and then massage over cheeks to temples, chin, neck, and décollete.

 It is ideal for hands and forearms, a true anti-aging moisturiser for the hands!

 Because the skin on the back of the hand is much thinner than the skin on your face, but it usually gets a harder time. Your hands are not only susceptible to the first signs of aging, but often age even faster than the face.