5 Reasons Why You Can Rely On Olive Oil based Skin Care

5 Reasons Why You Can Rely On Olive Oil based Skin Care

Olive Oil has been promoted for thousands of years for its wide range of health benefits, especially for the complexion.

Because natural beauty is our passion, Olive Oil is our key ingredient at Mabel Gray Skincare.

We could go on all day about the power of olive oil in moisturisers and anti-ageing formulations, but here we've listed just 5 brief reasons for using this amazing natural wonder in skin care.

  1. Moisturising: Olive oil is close to the natural oils our skin produces when it's healthy, so it makes sense that it is an ideal moisturiser for all skin types.  It’s naturally high in squalene, a powerful oil that mimics your skin’s natural sebum, and it absorbs easily into the skin, especially when blended with other plant powered actives, to achieve a form that is more readily absorbed than the neat oil. So even when you’re cleansing, these lotions, soaps and creams provide your skin with hydrating moisture and nutrients, for the ideal healthy glow!
  2. Protective: Olive oil is an excellent source of Polyphenols potent skin friendly antioxidants which counteract 'free radical' damage. Moisturisers using olive oil create a protective barrier and because it includes vitamins A, D and  E, which boost collagen production, it can actively protect the skin from environmental aging factors that tend to cause wrinkles and dull, loose skin.
  3. Gentle: Olive Oil will never harm the protective layers like some commercial soaps and cleansers do. Olive oil not only cleanses and refreshes the skin, but also re-hydrates to proper moisture levels at the same time.
  4. Rich in skin nutrition: Olive Oil is rich in Essential Fatty Acids that are the building blocks for healthy cell membranes. They also assist with production of the skins’ natural oils to keep skin hydrated and therefore looking healthy!
  5. Proven throughout history: Olive Oil has been renowned for thousands of years for the way it helps to reduces fine lines, small scars, dryness and wrinkles. Particularly good for minimising stretch marks during pregnancy. These are such gentle, skin friendly natural formulations, they bring out the best of all Olive Oils attributes, without the oiliness of using neat olive oil!

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