Olive oil for natural skin care and beauty

Beauty from Olive Oil.

Mabel Gray Skincare has been a private family passion for 3 generations. We think that "natural" is just the way it should always be done.


We're passionate about this, that plant powered skincare is the most natural for beauty, when you can get a synergy of actives that give the skin everything it needs to look its best.

You don't wait until you have skin issues to decide to use something more " natural".


Mable Gray grew up in East Anglia in the 1920's and from her earliest years she had an interest in herbal skin care. Before she moved to Brisbane in her early teens she had a good repertoire of remedies from the old herbalists around her home town.


Her favourite themes were built around olive oil skin care, but she also had a knack for getting amazing results with seaweed or kelp based formulas. They were her secret. 


We've kept up her passion for natural formulas, but it's her special brewing techniques that get the best out of nature's richest, oldest emollient oils, with absolutely no petroleum jelly derivates, parabens and all that stuff. Harder and slower to make, but it gives excellent results.


The Mabel Gray Ultra Anti-Ageing lotion uses her favourite skin routine remedy. It contains specially formulated blends of natural and organic active ingredients, with botanical extracts full of bio-available antioxidants and vitamins that help to naturally lock in hydration, encourage healthy cell turnover, promote firmness and reduce wrinkles.


It's natural that it should work so well! Skin loved and cared for has a natural affinity for ingredients that go back to antiquity.


You can discover them today at Mabel Gray Skincare.