Is There a Skincare Secret In The Water?

Is There a Skincare Secret In The Water?

The secret to hydration is water, obviously. But water varies an awful lot! 

Mabel Gray Skincare always starts with 100% natural spring water for all our skin care products.

Many manufacturers in the skincare space start with town mains water and filter it to the nth degree with Reverse Osmosis and other "purifying" systems.  But this "pure" RO water becomes so aggressive you can't even use copper plumbing for it, because anything less than marine grade stainless steel is going to corrode fast in this water!

And to be fair, it's not aggressive in their finished products. But once upon a time that sort of water wasn't known, and wasn't necessary. And the 'ancients' wouldn't have dreamed of doing that to water. They knew mineral springs had refreshing, regenerative powers.

So we start with spring water, and then put it through some old, proprietary processes around preparing that water before we begin manufacture..

Water is so fundamental to our humanity, but it's still a poorly understood commodity.

The difficulty is approaching the question of what water really is from a western science paradigm, which has a fairly rational and mechanical view of everything, including biology and chemistry.

Many believe there are particular qualities of spring water that can have substantial effects on health at a cellular level. This will also affect how well other nutrients will perform. Natural mineral springs have traditionally been regarded as healing and refreshing. They have an affinity with your skin's natural moisturising factor (NMF).

Water is sensitive. and many believe it can carry the "memory" of things it's been subjected to. We want its energy to be available to hydrate and refresh your skin, and bring you refreshing feelings of healthy flexibility.

The spring water in skin care is a medium for transferring all the healing energies in the plant actives to your body. And at the end of the day, your cells and tissues will still be about 70% water. So it needs to be beautiful water.

At Mabel Gray Skincare, we think water is as beautiful as it is mysterious. We're not sure why these old recipes and methods work so well. We're just really happy that they do for so many of our valued community.